Gold Star Regiment Members’ Resource Page

Fall 2021 Show – “Time of Your Life”

Movement 1 – May 16 (160bpm) – Sheet MusicDrill

Full Band

Percussion Only

Drill Video

Movement 2 – Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) (90bpm) – Sheet MusicDrill


Drill Video

Warmup Packets

Wind Warmups

Percussion Warmups – Also, refer to the Snare Science Exercise Page

Pep Band Music

It is suggested that you get a marching band flip folder and a lyre for your instrument for use during football/basketball games- unless you want to memorize the entirety of these songs!

You can purchase lyres and flip folders from Music and Arts here:


Star-Spangled Banner and Alma Mater

Basic Pep Pack (Louie Louie, Seven Nation Army, and Tequila)

Fight Song

Three Cheers (A, C, and John Cena Theme) and Brain Stew

Bang Bang and Uptown Funk

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Sell Out

Patriotic Medley

Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You


Rock Shorts Vols. 1 and 2 (Iron Man, Rock You Like a Hurricane, TNT, Smoke on the Water, El Sonidito, and Hey Song)

Rock Shorts Vol. 3 (My Sharona, Holiday, Gonna Fly Now)

Final Countdown

Double Dragon

Drumline Cadences


Gotta Move

Stolen Goods